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TRICO Reminds to "Change Your Clocks, Change Your Blades"

(Rochester Hills, Michigan)  – Winter Storm Nemo ripped across the Northeast earlier this year and left hundreds of thousands of people without power and caused countless flight cancellations. Sub-zero temperatures have even locked some parts of the U.S. in a permanent freeze all winter long.

With such harsh weather, Trico Products reminds drivers to “Change Your Clocks, Change Your Blades” as Daylight Saving Time approaches on March 10. This time of year serves as a helpful reminder to take control of driving safety as other routine maintenance concerns are top of mind.

“A long winter with destructive ice and snow can severely damage treated rubber elements and critical wiper superstructures causing poor visibility in unsafe driving conditions,” explains Kevin O’Dowd, Global Director of Marketing, Corporate Branding and Strategy for Trico Products. “That’s why we strongly encourage consumers to change their wipers at this time of year in preparation of the new spring season and the heavy rains that it often brings.”

Drivers tend to forget about replacing windshield wiper blades until the moment of truth, as a storm approaches or heavy snows cover their cars. Ideally, blades should be replaced every six months, and Daylight Saving Time affords the perfect opportunity to remind drivers to purchase the right pair of replacement wipers.

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