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TRICO Force® Wiper Blade Now Offers Four New Part Numbers

(Rochester Hills, Michigan) –Trico Products Corporation, a global leader in wiper blade technology, today announced that four new parts numbers have been added to the TRICO Force® product line. The premium high-performance beam blade now offers the 25-251, 25-281, 25-290 and 25-291 parts numbers for a total of 16 SKUs.

The 25-251, 25-281 and 25-291 parts numbers are unique blades designed to fit vehicles with opposed wipe systems and specialty beam wiper arms, including push button, pinch tab and side pin configurations. Additionally, the 25-290 part number is a 29-inch blade engineered to fit the industry’s latest vehicle designs including the BMW i3 and the C-Max, Focus, Transit and Transit Connect from Ford. Beginning with 2012 vehicle models, the four new parts numbers have been applied to 4.2 million vehicles on the road today.

TRICO Force features the patented VorTec® aerofoil that controls airflow and transfers wind force downward to provide maximum contact between the wiper blade and windshield.  With a robust superstructure for durable, all-weather performance, this swept-wing spoiler slices through turbulence caused by cross winds to deliver a clearer wipe and excellent visibility in all driving situations.

TRICO Force is available in lengths of 14 to 29 inches, and each SKU is packaged with one connector to fit the 12 leading, standard and specialty wiper arm styles. For more information on the TRICO Force beam blade, visit

For over 90 years, Trico Products Corporation has been one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wiper blade products and systems with major operations in Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe. TRICO develops advanced wiper technologies for automotive manufacturers and drivers worldwide. Every wiper blade is designed with leading innovative technologies to ensure maximum durability and improved visibility. For more information on TRICO product lines, please contact Trico Products Corporation at 1-800-388-7426, or visit