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Trico Products Urges Drivers to Match Seasonal Maintenance with Daylight Saving Time

(Rochester Hills, Michigan) – Trico Products, a world leader in wiper blade technology, encourages drivers to practice regular vehicle maintenance with the TRICO® “Change Your Clocks, Change Your Blades” campaign as Daylight Saving Time approaches on Sunday, March 9.

“With the bi-annual ‘Change Your Clocks, Change Your Blades’ campaign, TRICO’s goal is to encourage safe driving habits by highlighting routine vehicle maintenance,” said Danielle Orlando, director of marketing and brand management at Trico Products. “We’ve experienced an unusually harsh winter this year. Even the warmer regions have faced extreme winter weather caused by the polar vortex. TRICO developed this campaign to urge drivers to be proactive and take control of their driving safety.”

The all-weather TRICO Force® beam blade features the patented VorTec® aerofoil for controlled airflow, providing maximum contact with the windshield. Its swept-wing spoiler cuts through turbulence to deliver a clean wipe for excellent visibility in all driving conditions. TRICO Force is designed using a one-piece Memory Curve Steel® beam that supports an infinite number of pressure points across the entire wiping surface. The HighGlide® treated rubber element provides a smoother, chatter-resistant wipe, and SWIFT™ Easy Connection Technology simplifies installation.

Daylight Saving Time provides a natural cue for re-evaluating vehicle maintenance as it relates to seasonal change, and Trico Products urges drivers prepare their vehicles for spring weather. To learn more about TRICO Force and other TRICO wiper blade products, visit  

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