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Wiper Perks Program

Full line of TRICO wiper blade packages

Sign up for the TRICO® Wiper Perks program and start earning great rewards today.

Now, there’s even more incentive to sell TRICO. Our Wiper Perks rewards program gives installers the chance to earn great merchandise and prizes.

All you need to do is:  

  • Save the end tab from every wiper package you sell
  • Send the end tabs into Trico                                                                                
  • Redeem for great rewards

Send your end tabs in when you have enough for the reward you want or mail them in on a quarterly basis and let us keep track of them for you.   

You can earn great prizes like TRICO merchandise, as well as gift cards to leading home, sporting goods and electronic retailers, including the new iTunes gift card.

Generic image of gift cards for loyalty program

So, sign up for the TRICO Wiper Perks program and start earning great rewards today. We will then send you a Wiper Perks starter kit, which includes a container to keep your end tabs in.  

New member registration

Check your point balance or redeem for prizes

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