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Wiper Refills

Replace the Rubber Wiping Element

Trust TRICO when it's time to replace the rubber wiping element on your wiper blades. Available for TRICO, OE and competitive blades.

Features & Benefits

• TRICO® wiper refills are available for TRICO, Original Equipment and competitive blades

• Precision-cut natural rubber wiping edge

• Wiper refill size – available in lengths from 11" to 28"


TRICO offers the industry's only metal Break-To-Fit narrow refills. The stainless steel metal rails in these refills are scored at 1" intervals to make customization a snap. All Break-To-Fit part numbers come with two refills per package.

Features & Benefits

• 36-500 fit TRICO Windspoiler® and Toyota Original Equipment bridge vertebrae blades from 15" to 22"

• 47-600 fit 6mm square claw blades from 16" to 22"

• 47-700 fit 7mm trapezoidal claw blades from 15" to 22"

• 47-800 fit 8mm square claw blades from 17" to 26"

Where To Buy TRICO Wipers
Where To Buy TRICO Wipers

Find the Right Wiper Blade Size for Your Vehicle