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Find the Right Wiper Blade Size for Your Vehicle

The Science of Visibility
TRICO Silicone Ceramic Blades
How to Replace Windshield Wipers: Step-by-Step Guide Replacing windshield wipers is a job that can take less than a minute. Follow our guide for an easy and quick installation. READ MORE
TRICO Silicone Ceramic Blades
Why TRICO Silicone Ceramic Premium Wiper Blades Are the Perfect Choice in Summer When temperatures start to rise, your car needs more than just a working AC. Your wiper blades also take a beating in the heat. Specifically, traditional rubber blades may not work as effectively in cleaning your windshield and may leave streaks or smudges during the scorching summer months. READ MORE
Image of a streaky windshield from inside a vehicle
Four Signs You Should Replace Your Wiper Blades Drivers should regularly change their wiper blades. These four signs of aging, wear and damage mean your blades have gone too long without replacement. READ MORE
Image of a dirty windshield from outside a vehicle
Which Wiper Blades are Best for Me? Wiper blades are now built specifically to handle different types of driving conditions based on the climate in which you live in. Making climate one of the most important factors to consider when deciding which wiper blades are best for you. READ MORE
Graphic comparing a conventional blade (top) to a beam blade (bottom)
Beam Wipers vs Conventional Wipers Since the invention of beam wiper blades, one of the most frequently asked questions we get to answer often is: what’s the difference between conventional wiper blade and a beam wiper blade? READ MORE
Image of a person holding a wiper blade in their hand
Wiper Blade Anatomy Variations between wiper blades can be limited but even a slight modification can make all the difference in quality and performance. We help explain the differences in wiper blades and the different advancements that have been made in wiper blade technology. READ MORE

100+ Years of Windshield Wiper Innovation
Applied Directly to Your Windshield

3X Longer Life
High performance coating & sealant extends wiper life performance
Durable Construction
High-strength polymer shell & spring steel construction is designed to last long
Easy Installation
Every TRICO© wiper blade is designed for easy DIY installation

Windshield Wiper Installation Videos

Find installation videos for your TRICO windshield wiper blades. Search by wiper arm type or by vehicle.

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The History of Windshield Wiper Innovation

Line drawing of a mechanic replacing windshield wipers

TRICO Milestones

From the creation of the wiper blade industry to the latest in wiper blade technology, TRICO® continues to forge ahead with innovative solutions, unmatched quality, and outstanding performance.

An image of a wiper engineer working in a test lab

Manufacturing Excellence

TRICO® has shown constant commitment to product advancement and unparalleled dedication to driver safety for over hundred years. Working diligently every day to protect drivers and keep them safe in any weather.

Image of a wiper blade on a rainy windshield

Quality Commitment

TRICO® has built strong reputation by combining an obsession with product performance and customer service with the ability to deliver on our commitment to provide the highest quality wiper products.