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Beam Wipers vs Conventional Wipers

4 years ago


Wiper blades have been around for over 100 years and over the years, there have been continuous improvements in wiper blade technologies and wiper performance. One of the more recent, and predominant, advancements in wiper technology is the invention of the premium beam wiper blade. Beam wiper blades offer different benefits and features compared to a typical conventional blade.

Beam vs Conventional Differences

The most noticeable difference is in the design of the blade itself. Windshields weren’t always curved like they are today and because of it, windshield wipers had to match the older, flatter design. Nowadays, beam blades are designed to match the curvature of modern-day windshields, ultimately leading to better coverage between wiper blade and windshield. Wiper coverage on a windshield is based upon various contact or pressure points. The more pressure points, the greater the wiper pressure. Conventional or traditional wiper blades are designed with only six to eight contact points while beam blades feature an infinite number of pressure points. Infinite pressure points ensure that the entire length of the wiper blade will remain in contact with the windshield. Check out the image below to see the difference in design. Remember, the more pressure points the wiper can offer, the better driving experience you will have.

Driving in a rainstorm can be stressful, especially if you’re traveling at a high-speed and your wipers aren’t in the best condition. Performance of your wiper blades during rainstorm isn’t only based on the amount of rain that is coming down but also on the wind. Most people don’t realize that the wind has a tremendous impact on wiper blade performance. Conventional wiper blades are not designed with wind resistance in mind. High speeds lead to high winds and that strong wind resistance can cause separation between the wiper blade and windshield. This separation is known as wind lift. Wind lift can lead to poor performance when you need it the most. TRICO beam blades feature a Vortec Aerofoil, a unique aerodynamic design that converts strong wind into maximum force between the wiper and the windshield, maximizing pressure and keeping the blade affixed tightly to the windshield. The greater the wind force, the better performance you’ll get out of a beam blade.

All-weather design and greater performance lead to higher quality wiper blades. Premium beam blades can be used at any time of the year in any type of climate. From the durable spoiler to the high-strength steel and longer lasting rubber, premium beam blades have what it takes to topple some of the harshest weather conditions and still dole out optimal performance.

Some beam blades, such as TRICO Titan, with its exclusive Z7 coating can even last three times longer than a conventional blade – making quality a huge difference between the two types of wiper blades. You can experience this difference yourself once you make the switch from conventional blades to beam blades.

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