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How to Choose Wiper Blades for Rainy Weather

How to Choose Wiper Blades for Rainy Weather

22 day ago

Rainy and windy weather present unique challenges on the road, and your windshield wipers shouldn't just meet the challenge—they should ace it. With this in mind, we've made this quick guide to help you choose the right blades to handle rainy and windy conditions.

Choose Blades That Repel Water

Driving in heavy rain calls for more than your average blades. It demands a technology that repels water from your windshield. A water-repellent blade uses a special coating to make the water bead up and slide off the windshield. These beads are then much easier to remove. In heavy rainfall, this can reduce the 'sheeting' effect where water covers your windshield.

Ready for an upgrade this season? Switch to TRICO Silicone Ceramic™ and say goodbye to blurry windshields. Thanks to the silicone coating, these premium blades push rain and ice right out of your line of sight. They're built to last, so you won't be changing them out anytime soon.

Maximum Windshield Contact

TRICO’s unique aerofoil-design on our premium blades should be high on your list of considerations if you live in regions frequently battered by heavy rains and strong winds. An aerofoil is essentially a wing designed to manage airflow. This design converts the wind force into uniform pressure that pushes the blades against the windshield, allowing them to maintain better contact with the glass at high speeds. These blades are your best chance to handle whatever the weather throws at you.

For your convenience, TRICO® provides a full line of premium blades that feature an innovative aerofoil design. They perform great regardless of how fast or how windy it gets.

Consider Silicone Ceramic Instead of Standard Rubber

Unlike standard rubber, our silicone ceramic beam blade options are more durable and better resist the wear and tear caused by fluctuating temperatures. However, pure silicone blades can leave a residue on the windshield over time due to the water-repelling layer they deposit, which can compromise visibility under certain conditions. That's why TRICO Silicone Ceramic™ is made with an exclusive ceramic coating to offer a streak-free clean without leaving residues. It provides all-weather protection while reducing friction for a better and quieter wipe.

Beam Blades

A quality beam blade like TRICO Titan® makes perfect sense as it offers superior performance in windy and rainy conditions. Unlike conventional blades, beam blades are constructed as a single piece. Their aerodynamic design, combined with infinite pressure points, ensures maximum windshield contact. It also has a proprietary Z7 plasma coating for extended durability that lasts 3X longer than other wiper blades. This results in a superior line of sight and makes them notably more effective in challenging weather conditions.

Don't Let Rain Blur Your View

As the rainy season rolls in, gear up with blades that are built to outperform. TRICO offers:

  • TRICO Silicone Ceramic™: Ideal for heavy rainfall and all-weather protection
  • TRICO Titan®: Quality beam blade designed to withstand strong winds
  • TRICO Flex®: Affordable beam blade without compromising performance